Utility Solutions. Engineered.

Tri Sage offers a full range of support services for the ongoing operations of a utility. These services are available as a supplement to existing support staff. Our right-sized firm acts and feels like an extension of the companies and agencies we work with. Our expertise allows us to handle big projects without the cumbersome bureaucracy of larger firms.
• Vegetation Management Support
• Contract/Agreement Negotiations and Management
• Support of Internal Energy Efficiency Programs
• Standards Development and Maintenance
• Customer Interaction
• Joint use Poles/Project Coordination
Where additional or specialized services are required, Tri Sage maintains contact and partnerships with various companies having utility experienced individuals in areas such as Transmission Planning, Legal and Regulatory Affairs and Information Technology. Where there is a need, we can find an experienced resource through the network we have fostered over the years, including available utility employees not listed within the key personnel biographies. Please contact us regarding your specific needs and our experience in these areas.