Utility Solutions. Engineered.

Tri Sage offers full Issued for Construction design packages for high and low voltage substations. Our electrical engineering team brings experience from local utilities as well as utilities from abroad. Our lead engineer has worked on renewable energy projects in Nicaragua and Costa Rica as well as the US.
Substation Siting and Layout

Tri Sage offers electric substation siting and layout services for utilities who are either relocating or planning for new
substation facilities. Our team includes professionals that can address review and consideration of environmental, terrain and soil type of the siting location.

Substation Design

Tri Sage offers full Issued for Construction design drawings of substations ranging from low voltage remodeled substations, up to and including 345 to 500kV new substations. Our professional team brings extensive experience in working with utilities to complete this engineering.
Tri Sage also provides substation design and consulting to renewable generation developers, mines, and other industries that utilize
high voltage interconnections.

Substation Protection and Control

The Tri Sage team includes the capabilities of providing protection and control design. This work includes extensive coordination with each utilities own protection and control engineering department. Our team is able to work closely to ensure standards are applied and the protection and control that utilities require is completed.