Utility Solutions. Engineered.

Tri Sage is proud and excited to be a supporter of renewable energy development and has extensive experience in the renewable generation industry. Specifically, Tri Sage has worked on multiple utility interconnections into the Northern Nevada and California electric transmission grid. We understand the unique and necessary purpose of these resources and have a strong commitment to the communities they serve. We look forward to continued partnerships with entities that develop renewable energy now and into the future.
Geothermal Power

Tri Sage’s key personnel have had experience with renewable energy prior to their association with Tri Sage. This experience positioned Tri Sage to become integrally involved with major geothermal developments. By working with both the power purchasing utility and the geothermal developer, we have been able to render crucial support to bringing these projects to fruition.
At Tri Sage, we are pleased to have successfully assisted in bringing geothermal power into the Northern Nevada and California electric transmission grid.

Wind Generation

The Tri Sage has worked on wind generation projects and understands the highly technical challenges that must be addressed in order to integrate wind into an existing electrical system. Tri Sage provided Project Management for the utility integration of a planned wind generation development in Nevada and was instrumental in bringing clarity of the unique requirements associated with dynamics into the grid.
Solar Power

Tri Sage is experienced and staffed to fully support photovoltaic and thermal solar projects. We have the engineering expertise to prepare proposals in support of utility power purchase agreements (PPAs) for renewable energy, as well as the engineering and technical staff to complete the infrastructure design, permitting, interconnection design and construction management for the project. Tri Sage has worked on multiple projects to successfully integrate solar power into the CAISO grid.