Utility Solutions. Engineered.

At Tri Sage, We Understand The Need To Balance Economics, Development Issues, The Environment And Long-term Sustainable Natural Resources While Allowing Growth And Development To Occur.

Tri Sage provides services to clients for permitting of electric, gas and water infrastructure, new high voltage transmission lines and substations, renewable generation development and other utility related projects. Specifically, we have obtained permitting of new water intake diversion structures, high voltage transmission lines, waterway crossings, new roadways and a multitude of renewable energy related projects.
The Tri Sage Consulting team has extensive work and personal experience with natural resources, water issues, and permitting. We have worked extensively with development in and around the Truckee River which is one of the most litigated rivers in the United States. We understand both the agency requirements and processes as well as the schedules and budgets of projects that depend upon successful permitting and compliance.


The Tri Sage staff includes expertise with water quality compliance, erosion control, best management practices and field monitoring of permit requirements. We work well with contractors in helping the projects meet all permitting requirements and are able to understand the agencies needs so that all expectations are met while minimizing impacts to schedule and budget. Our experience includes multiple in-river projects consisting of construction requiring temporary river diversions, water quality sampling and reporting and BMP design and monitoring.