Utility Solutions. Engineered.

Tri Sage offers civil engineering, transmission and distribution line routing and design, and substation layout and design. Our engineering staff is experienced in a wide array of utility projects, with a comprehensive understanding of utility standards and rules.
Transmission Line Routing and Design
Tri Sage offers transmission line design services that include routing and design of electric transmission lines with voltages from 60kV up to 500kV. Our staff has worked on projects throughout the western US, Canada and overseas.
Distribution and Joint Pole Design
Tri Sage offers electric, gas and water distribution design services for a wide range of major utility projects. This includes the design of new facilities, rebuilding or relocating existing facilities and working with joint use utilities and industries which are dependent on responsive utility relocations such as mines and public works.
General Civil Engineering
Tri Sage offers general civil engineering to clients in support of their developments. Our staff has provided design for roadways, bridges, hydrology improvements, erosion control, best management practices, slope stabilization, and other generalized design requirements.  We are able to tailor these designs to the needs of our clients.