Utility Solutions. Engineered.

Tri Sage understands the need for quality while providing a strong sense of cost and schedule control. We have high quality staff that brings years of experience to our clients and a strong commitment to their goals.
Construction Management
Tri Sage offers Construction Management and Administration services for projects and Quality Assurance services for projects preparing for or under construction, including electric transmission and distribution lines, electric substations, generation stations, office and maintenance buildings, water storage facilities, roadways, and other public works and utility structures. This service can be tailored to meet the requirements of specific projects in any location. Our breadth of experienced Construction Management is exceptional. Their infield hands-on experience ranges from full charge power plant construction and conversions, to water system upgrades and in-river installations, to high voltage overhead and underground power lines, to gas transmission and renewable
Quality Assurance
Tri Sage offers multiple levels of qualified personnel to complete everything from full construction oversight to focused Quality Assurance (QA). Clients sometimes wish to have QA services as either supplemental or a stand alone service on projects.
Tri Sage offers staff with proven experience and expertise. We work well together on projects with other consulting firms, contractors and agencies. Our team knows the goal is to provide verification that construction is completed in compliance with the project drawings, construction specifications, project owner’s standards and the terms and conditions of the environmental documents and project contract. Tri Sage typically works within an established “level” inspection approach, solidified with the owner prior to start of construction.  This allows full-time attention to critical aspects, while limiting inspection expenditures on less critical work.