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On-Going Engineering Contract Transmission Line Modeling and Design BLACK & VEATCH, PG&E California Service Territory

US Wind Power
This 230kV project was located in North Central California and required a transmission line design to support a wind generation interconnection. The scope of this project included substation termination, a switch/tap structure, and a switch/angle structure within the transmission line interconnection. Optic Ground Wire (OPGW) was also included to address the communication requirements. This project scope, while small, was challenging due to the existing transmission system complexities.
Enco Solar Cluster
This project, under a solar cluster, was recently completed and specifically consisted of light duty, direct embedded, steel poles to support multiple new 70kV SEECO switches. The switches were SCADA ready and the poles were designed to accommodate future conversion to SCADA operation and line upgrade.

Fish Springs Solar Project FISH SPRINGS RANCH, Reno, NV

Tri Sage prepared a power sale and interconnection proposal in response to the local grid operator annual PPA RFP. This process included the full spectrum of support, including solar panel specification, costing and selection; preliminary civil design of the utility infrastructure; interconnection design; application submittal to the grid operator; and all associated aspects of presenting the project for consideration by the utility for a power purchase agreement. The interconnection into the substation was a complex issue in which Tri Sage was able to negotiate with the utility to allow the project to interconnect into an existing 25kV system instead of requiring a full 345kV interconnection into the substation. The project, once fully constructed, will have an ultimate output of 100MW. Service considerations and negotiations were explored with three different utilities and included an array of transmission wheeling options.


Tri Sage provided the civil engineering, transmission line design, utility project management, and environmental permitting and support for a geothermal complex involving multiple plants located in Nevada. Tri Sage was successful at obtaining a public lands crossing easement from the Bureau of Land Management through an area with the listed and endangered Steamboat Buckwheat Plant. This was an extensive effort that required the development of an Environmental Assessment and much coordination with the agencies. Tri Sage was able to obtain this permit within a period of 4 months. This expedited permitting allowed the client the ability to meet a critical contractual date for power sale. Tri Sage also provided BMP and erosion control design to allow for a waterway crossing; roadway design and site grading; and design of the 120kV transmission line that provided the electrical connection to the NV Energy grid.

Blue Mountain Geothermal Plant NEVADA GEOTHERMAL INC., Winnemucca, NV

Tri Sage Consulting was retained by Nevada Geothermal to provide Civil Engineering and General Project Management Support for the development of a 50MW Geothermal Development in Central Nevada. Tri Sage’s involvement included the design of a 6 mile complex distribution line in support of the well fields, transmission line peer review and client support for bidding and awarding the project, contract negotiation support for the interconnection with the local utility, roadway and grading design along with other miscellaneous civil engineering support, and construction management of both the transmission line and distribution line construction. Tri Sage also has worked closely with Ormat Nevada Inc who is under contract to construct the geothermal plant.