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ReTRAC UPRR Track NV ENERGY (In Partnership with City of Reno & UPRR), Reno, NV

Tri Sage provided Project Management Services for the electric and gas utility relocations in support of the City of Reno Railroad Track Lowering project (ReTRAC). This was a complex project that included coordination with multiple utilities, design firms, contractors, and regulatory agencies. This was a multi-year, multi-million dollar effort to relocate the electric and gas facilities. Under contract, Tri Sage attended all ReTRAC project meetings and functioned as a key stakeholder on the City of Reno’s utility project team. Project Management for this effort was extensive and required day to day decisions, continuous follow through and coordination and on-going communication. The entire project was managed based on a 5-week look-ahead schedule. As such, continuous issues arose with immediate needs for utility relocations. Electric and Gas facilities in the downtown area had been installed in the early 1940s and 50s with limited knowledge of exact locations, services and other unforeseen issues. There was extensive switching and outage coordination required to minimize impacts to the Downtown Reno area.

Liberty Utility 625 650 Line Upgrade Project LIBERTY UTILITIES, North Lake Tahoe, CA

Tri Sage is currently working with Liberty Utilities, a subsidiary of Algonquin Power to provide the full charge Project Management of a 120kV upgrade to their current transmission system. This effort involves extensive permitting due to the critical environment in the Tahoe basin. The project is being permitted under both federal NEPA requirements as well as California CEQA and TRPA compliance. Tri Sage has been working with the agencies, the NEPA environmental consultant and all other team members to ensure that all issues surrounding this project are addressed in a manner to allow for optimum system operation once the upgrade is energized. This has included everything from alternative development and consideration to construction logistics of outages, environmental compliances and operations. Tri Sage is pleased to be a key supplier to Liberty Utilities for this and multiple other projects.

Smart Meter Conversion NV ENERGY, Nevada

Tri Sage worked with NV Energy on their system conversion to Smart Meters. This effort brings system improvements and performance to the current grid and will assist the utility in pinpointing power outages which will result in faster response. Tri Sage provided the Project Management of all tower installations in support of this effort. This encompassed management of aspects from special use permitting to design and installations. NV Energy has sighted locations over the entire state to provide the needed coverage to support this conversion. As such, there were multiple agencies, groups and a large team that was required to complete this effort. Tri Sage has been regarded as a critical component in bringing this project to full integration.

Energy Efficiency Programs LIBERTY UTILITIES, Lake Tahoe, CA

Tri Sage has assisted in developing and implementing energy efficiency programs to deliver cost effective energy savings to customers. Tri Sage has provided customer interface for rebate funding, budget management, and regulator reporting to meet California regulatory requirements. Also, assisting in customer education to achieve more stewardship for the environment.