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Glendale Water Supply Improvement Project TRUCKEE MEADOWS WATER AUTHORITY, Glendale Water Supply Reno, NV

Tri Sage Consulting was retained to provide environmental management on the replacement of the Glendale Water Supply Improvement Project. This project was necessary due to the extreme inadequacies of the existing diversion. The scope consisted of installing a new, permanent, reliable structure that met both the water supply requirements for the treatment plant as well as improvements for recreation users of the river. Tri Sage oversaw all environmental aspects, starting with the pre-project fish study, proceeding to the environmental monitoring and water quality confirmations during construction and concluding with permit compliance reporting. Work included the construction of a temporary pipeline to keep water flowing to the plant during construction activities. The river channel was diverted and relocated to an existing ditch to allow for continued channel flow. The work site was dewatered and appropriate measures were taken to minimize impacts to fish in the area. The demolition and removal of the rock and rubble weir was completed, followed by site grading both internal and external to the river boundaries. Weir construction used grouted boulders with smaller rocks placed to form features. A sediment ejector, a sediment sluice and a juvenile fish return structure were each incorporated within the weir during construction. The project was completed within permitting requirements and all stakeholders were pleased with the final outcome.

Fleish Hydro Electric Flume Rebuild TRUCKEE MEADOWS WATER AUTHORITY, Fleish Flume, Truckee River Canyon, CA

Tri Sage was contracted to prepare a monitoring plan and manage the environmental aspects of a construction effort of a hydro power flume rebuild located on the border of Nevada and California along the Truckee River Corridor. This effort involved the removal of over 1⁄2 mile of wooden flume and replacement with a new, steel fabricated flume structure. The project specifically involved the removal of the wood structures via crane. In some areas, blasting was required. This created a concern for hillside stabilization and the risk of sloughing of debris into the Truckee River. Tri Sage worked closely with the client and the contractor to ensure appropriate best management practices were carefully implemented to protect both the workers and the environment.

Myers 3400 Circuit Upgrade LIBERTY UTILITIES, South Tahoe, CA

Tri Sage Consulting Tri Sage recently supported the environmental permitting for the construction of the Liberty Utilities 3400 Circuit. This project required pole change-out in one of California’s most valued wetlands. The electric line was located near Taylor Creek and within the surrounding habitat that supports multiple protected species but, most notably, the kokanee salmon. The permitting was completed with US Forest Service, Army Corps of Engineers and the California State Parks. Once permitting was secured, Tri Sage provided on site environmental management. The construction required helicopter pole setting and hand placement due to the sensitive nature of the area.

Galena III Geothermal Power Plant ORMAT TECHNOLOGIES, Steamboat Springs Geothermal Complex, Reno, NV

Tri Sage provided environmental permitting and support for the development of the Galena III Geothermal Power Plant. Specifically, permitting was obtained for the installation of a new bridge installed to allow access over a “Waters of the U.S.” stream bed. Agency authorization was obtained through the Army Corps of Engineers Nationwide permitting, NDEP Clean Water and Working in Waterways Permits, and several other agencies including authorization from NDOW. Tri Sage was also successful at obtaining a public lands crossing easement from the Bureau of Land Management. This was an extensive effort that required the development of an Environmental Assessment and much coordination with the agencies. Tri Sage was able to obtain this within a period of 4 months. This expedited permitting allowed the client the ability to meet a critical contractual date for power delivery under a power purchase agreement. Lastly, Tri Sage was successful at obtaining landscaping waiver from the Washoe County Planning Commission. All of the above permitting was located in areas that contain the threatened and endangered Steamboat Buckwheat and was considered to be nearly impossible permitting. The client was pleased with all environmental permitting outcomes.