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Renewable Energy Export Transmission Routing Project (500KV & 345KV) NEVADA ENERGY ASSISTANCE CORPORATION, NV and CA Territory

Current Nevada transmission infrastructure is almost fully utilized by generators in and outside of Nevada to export or transmit resources out of and through the state. Limitations of this transmission system hinder renewable energy exportation. In an effort to address this, a DOE grant was awarded to the State of Nevada to establish new line routes into the California Grid. Working with the Nevada Energy Assistance Corporation and the Nevada State Office of Energy, Tri Sage Consulting completed a comprehensive routing study of alternative lines to support export of renewable energy power. The result was three export paths, to the north, east and south of Nevada; holding the potential to enhancing new transmission export paths into the neighboring states and ultimately addressing multiple export and grid enhancement needs.

Liberty Utilities 7203 Distribution Line Project LIBERTY UTILITIES, Town of Truckee, CA

Tri Sage recently provided project design, construction management and regulatory support for the Liberty Utilities 7203 distribution line project. This project consisted of replacing a 1.1 mile section of a distribution power line located within the Town of Truckee. The distribution circuit is under built on 120kV transmission poles which required change out to support the new distribution conductor. The effort required extensive coordination, detailed design and multiple utility participation. This improvement will enhance service reliability for Liberty, especially during high winter peaks.

Montana-Alberta 230OKV Transmission Line MONTANA/ALBERTA TIE LINE (MATL) Boise, Idaho project located between Great Falls Montana & Lethbridge Canada

Tri Sage was contracted by Trimble Energy Solutions to provide support in transmission line design, permitting and land services for the Montana Alberta tie line located between Lethbridge, Canada and Great Falls, Montana. This project consists of a 214-mile, 230kV, 300-megawatt line that will interconnect the electric grids of Canada and the United States. This project will create the much needed transport to allow for renewable energy resources to reach more consumers across North America. Tri Sage provided engineering and design of multiple stages of the MATL project. Due to the large scale of the project, the design was broken down into multiple sections.

McGinnes Hills 230KV Gen-Tie Line ORMAT TECHNOLOGIES, McGinness Geothermal Power Plant near Austin, NV

Tri Sage recently completed the McGinness Hills transmission line project in support of a new geothermal generation plant interconnection into the electric grid. This project required extensive support from the inception including negotiations with the Transmission Grid Operator to ensure that an interconnection was feasible. The Tri Sage scope of work included transmission line routing and design, permitting support, and construction management. There were multiple issues that required consideration throughout the effort, including terrain, narrow right-of-way, environmental issues and schedule constraints. The project was completed to allow successful, on-time, energization of the geothermal plant.