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ON-Line 500kV Transmission Line Project - GREAT BASIN ENERGY, Reno, NV

Tri Sage is currently providing Quality Assurance to NV Energy for the installation of the Microwave Towers in support of the 500kV ON-Line project. This project will provide a critical link for NV Energy to connect their Northern and Southern territories. The services being provided by Tri Sage includes full site and construction inspection, report preparation, safety oversight, management of schedule, inspection of work in the field, and various other QA inspection requirements. Tri Sage will also support NV Energy with the 345kV line fold quality assurance.

Dove/Greg St. 120kV Transmission Line - NV ENERGY, Reno, NV

Tri Sage provided Construction QA Inspection services for NV Energy’s 120kV transmission line from the Dove Substation to the Greg Street Substation. This project was a challenging 16 mile 120kV line through extreme terrain to provide a critical 120kV source into the Reno and Sparks area. The project scope included the installation of a fiber optic ground wire running the entire line distance, along with a full substation expansion to support the new terminal at the Greg Street location. The project required extensive outage management, agency permitting and challenging engineering constraints. Quality Assurance services for this project included full construction oversight with specific attention and inspection of helicopter structure setting, fiber optic inspection, wire stringing and sagging inspection, material confirmation, and general assurance that standards and engineering requirements were met. The Tri Sage Construction Administration team drew on their education, experience and expertise to minimize change orders and manage the construction contract. All this was completed while maintaining a highly respected relationship with both the client and the contractor.

San Emidio Geothermal Plant U.S. GEOTHERMAL, San Emidio, NV

Tri Sage Consulting provided Construction Management and Quality Assurance Inspection for a Power Generation Facility located north of Reno. This project included the installation of all geothermal facilities, wells, pump facilities, piping, radio communication equipment, transmission line upgrades, and all other plant development aspects. The project involved multiple aspects of consulting and required extensive knowledge of the plant’s electronics and protection scheme. The contractor worked closely with the Tri Sage personnel and ultimately developed a working respect for the staff’s knowledge and capabilities.

Glendale Water Treatment & Pump Station Upgrades TRUCKEE MEADOWS WATER AUTHORITY, Reno, NV

Tri Sage provided the Construction Management for a local Water Authority’s Water Treatment Plant Upgrade. This project consisted of two phases. The scope included upgrades at the Water Treatment Plant as well as improvements at two Effluent Pump Stations. This work included upgrades of all pumps, piping, electrical, and associated site work and structures. Work also included the electronics necessary to support the SCADA system interconnections. The client has found that Tri Sage offers exceptional service and is able to pay for their Construction QA Management services on projects through Tri Sage’s successful management of contractor change orders.