B.S., Chemical Engineering, University of Nevada, Reno


Nevada Certified Grade 4
Water Treatment
Operator #609

Nevada Certified Grade 4
Water Distribution
Operator #599


Member, Nevada State Board for Financing Water Projects

Member, Nevada Women's Fund

Ms. Williams has over 30 years of professional experience in the utility industry, including utility operations & maintenance, project management, engineering, strategic planning, safety coordination, leadership and administration. Lori has held the General Manager position of the local Water Authority and worked on multiple power plants and gas combustion projects. Lori has overseen many types of utility operations including the start-up, operations and maintenance of the emissions control systems at a coal-fired power plant; the maintenance of water system facilities; the operation and maintenance of hydroelectric plants; coordination with electric system control and leadership of a water utility. Through work experience, she has been responsible for the establishment of safety protocols and training in compliance with federal and state regulations. She has worked with many regulatory agencies to reach solutions and compromises. Lori also has extensive experience in facilitating solutions and managing projects where multiple agencies and interests are involved.

Lori Willams

Senior Project Manager