Land Services, Survey

& Right-of-Way

Tri Sage provides land surveying and GIS mapping. This includes the preparation of land division maps, legal descriptions and exhibits as well as the establishing needs for and obtaining Right of Ways.

• GIS Mapping

• Land Transfers

• Legal Documents and Exhibit Preparation

• Routing Maps and Preliminary Field Surveys

• Transmission Line Pole Spotting

• Construction Survey


The breadth of this experience includes projects with simple utility distribution services requiring easements and field survey to large land transfers, including support of utility acquisitions and land due diligence.  Tri Sage recently provided full land support for a utility acquisition which included an entire service territory of electric lines, substations and associated facilities.  This effort involved extensive coordination, mapping and survey, as well as land permitting and ROW transfers.  Successful Land Services projects have also included mapping and right-of-way support on numerous high voltage transmission lines as well as parcel mapping of several substation sites.  Another recent effort included land survey and mapping for a new 200 fiber optic line.